Saturday, 30 May 2015

Cannoli & Gun

Last night I was delighted to spend an evening combining my love for both food and film, attending the 2nd event hosted by Bristol based film club with-a-twist Cannoli & Gun (the clever name taken from a famous line in The Godfather  “Leave the gun. Take the Cannolis”).  Brought to you by the co-founder of the Bristol Bad Film Club, this is essentially an opportunity to enjoy a cult classic film among like-minded people, whilst celebrating a particular food that features in the film. For example, the inaugural event last month saw The Stock Exchange Bakery welcome 50 movie buffs to view Inglourious Basterds whilst devouring Apple Strudel with cream, inspired by the unforgettably chilling yet sublime scene at the table with the exquisitely repugnant Colonel Hans Landa played by Christopher Waltz.  (FYI – in my research for this post, you would not believe how many interesting articles I came across analysing the cultural significance that food and drink plays in that film when it comes to assertion of power – from the milk in the farmhouse to the basement bar shoot-out. Anyway, that’s just a tad heavy and I digress).

Sweet Fruit Pie

Also held at The Stock Exchange Bakery, was the event last night where I saw the 1986 coming-of-age masterpiece that is Stand By Me (oh River Phoenix you were such a talent and we lost you too soon). We were handed a delicious sweet fruit pie to enjoy with the film, which is of course thanks to the wonderful story-telling skills of Gordie and his fictional friend Lardass.  That particular scene also bares the most fantastic description of the results of Lardass's revenge plan to all those who had mocked him and the most hilarious word in the film; Barf-o-rama. Placed on every seat when we arrived was the one food Vern would have for the rest of his life; a packet of Cherry flavoured Pez. Nice touch.

The next event for June is sold out, not just because it is to see the hugely influential Pulp Fiction, but it’s also being held at one of Bristol’s best burger joints  Chomp. The good news is that last night it was announced that the July event is to show When Harry Met Sally whilst eating New York style deli sandwiches and a slice of pecan pie at City Deli in Bristol on 23rd July. Ticket prices vary, understandably depending on the food offering; I paid £9 for Stand By Me and When Harry Met Sally is £14 but that includes your food which is more than reasonable for the film ticket too.  

I would absolutely recommend attending a Cannoli and Gun event as a great, unique evening for those who love food, film and altogether something just a bit different. 

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